Bypassing the Need for and Avoiding the Risks of Covid-19 Vaccines

The warp speed development of an anti-Covid-19 vaccine disregards the non-immunological anti-virus defense mechanism mediated by the alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway. This pathway was identified in studies on stealth adapted viruses. These viruses have deletions or mutations in the genes coding for the relatively few virus components that are normally targeted by the cellular immune system. Public Health authorities have denied the existence of these viruses because some were originally derived from the viruses that infect the monkeys used to produce polio vaccines. A novel feature of the stealth adaption process is that in addition to losing certain genes, there can be the incorporation of genetic sequences from infected cells. This has allowed the transmission to humans of monkey cellular genes.

Even though the immune system is restricted in its capacity to suppress stealth adapted viruses, these viruses and indeed potentially all viruses, can still be suppressed providing the infected cells have sufficient cellular energy. Symptomatic Covid-19 infection is, therefore, an indication that the person’s cells have insufficient cellular energy. Conversely, symptomatic infections can be prevented by enhancing the cellular energy of those exposed to the virus. Arguably, this can be achieved by the repeated inhalation of the mist generated by inhaling nebulizing water with a heightened level of a natural energy referred to as KLELEA, an abbreviation for Kinetic Energy limiting Electrostatic Attraction. A natural source of KELEA activated water has been identified in Southern California. It can also be generated using a number of simple procedures. The current investigative protocol is to inhale the mist from 5 ml of activated water, over a 5-minute period for 5 times a day for two days. The primary outcome is the conversion from a positive PCR or antigen test prior to the two-day inhalation to a negative test following the investigational procedure. A secondary outcome is self-reported assessments of changes in symptom severity. This study is registered at identification number NCT04490824.

Stealth adapted virus-infected individuals are at a special risk from receiving a Covid-19 vaccine. First, the non-specific immune stimulation from the vaccine can enable immune reactivity against some of the residual components on the stealth adapted viruses. If these viruses reside in the central nervous system, the resulting inflammation can present as multiple sclerosis or transverse myelitis, as has been reported using the AstraZeneca vaccine. Second, stealth adapted viruses can incorporate and become carriers of foreign genes. Were preexisting stealth adapted viruses to incorporate the vaccine Covid-19 spike antigen-coding DNA or RNA sequence, they could readily disrupt the body’s angiotensin-mediated regulatory system. It is highly unlikely that these considerations are being addressed by either the Food and Drug administration (FDA) or vaccine manufacturers. Indeed as noted above, the FDA, and even the National Institutes of Health (NIH),have refused to even acknowledge the existence of monkey-derived stealth adapted viruses in spite of overwhelming DNA sequence data on these viruses.

For an illness that causes symptoms in only a small fraction of those infected, it is entirely inappropriate to vaccinate everyone. What is more sensible is to have the means of reducing the susceptibility of those who would otherwise develop symptomatic illness. In addition to direct inhalation of KELEA activated water, benefits appear to occur from the simple wearing of small pouches containing activated water. Activated water can similarly be used to humidify closed living spaces. These approaches are facilitated by the locating of sources of naturally activated water.

How you can Date women in Her 30s With These Easy Tips!

So , you are fresh in a fresh town therefore you want to know the right way to date a female in twenties without any problems. For starters, you should make sure that the female is at least thirty years old. If jane is older than that, then you currently have a bigger difficulty, as older girls can easily obtain tempted and younger kinds usually end up being controlled by way of a libido which turns these people into a problem.

The next step means date a woman in 20s is to all the stupid problems that adolescent daters generally make. One of the greatest mistakes that many guys make in the first particular date is requesting too personal a question. A woman could possibly feel offended and become defensive, thus, stopping the chance of purchasing a good day. Asking personal questions just like where this girl grew up, what her most desired book is normally, or what movie is the best one usually makes guys feel ridiculous and reduces the chance of owning a good day. To be safe, it is better might her about her hobbies, her hobbies and what she wants to do instead of asking about the movie your lady saw or where your woman grew up.

At this time, about age gap in your way on the path to your potential date: It is not that big an offer as many persons think it is. Yes, some people could be interested in elderly women in their 30s and therefore, there is no problem with dating one that is elderly than you. However , in most of women in their early twenties, the idea of seeing an older girl may turn all of them off. Due to the fact these females are already considering other things and so are unlikely to date a man exactly who just wants to fiddle about with their feelings. Hence, dating a lady in her early twenties is not such a bad idea after all.

One more thing to remember once on how to particular date a woman in her 30s is to be elderly in dealing with her. This means that you need to be more innovative in your way to dating, while you may currently have forgotten what their high school or college times are like. Be considered a gentleman trying to think of her in a more fully developed manner. Inquire her out and if your woman agrees, afterward go ahead and consult her on a date.

Ways to date a female in her 20s can be useful site in fact not all that hard in the end. Just make sure to pay attention to the small particulars and try to place yourself in her sneakers so to speak. Bear in mind, the 20-somethings of today will be busy, single and enthusiastic about dating an appropriate person who can easily share common interests with them.

Now that you know these pointers for going out with a woman in her 30’s, you are ready to the second step — the trip itself! Move out on that first date and win over her perfectly that this girl invites you over to get coffee or dinner once a week. Remember to keep those seeing tips for internet dating a woman in her 30s at heart. It will absolutely help you become a success!

Secure data rooms: Reliability & Output Software

The right way selected program allows you to improve a significant volume of processes, along with make dealing with commercial and confidential data much less dangerous. If you would like to enhance your business, after that virtual info rooms are perfect this. The technology is distinguished not only by functionality and security, although also by simply its convenience and high-quality service.

Features for new opportunities for your business

Dataroom may be a cloud storage space that allows you to preserve time and have more options. If we talk about saving time, therefore VDR features functions for the purpose of bulk file uploads, and also documentation themes with snel into diverse languages. You are able to apply adjustments to a list of documents, modify file forms and employ various types of search (full-text, by keywords). Thanks to these and other features, work with papers will be much easier and quicker for you and your employees.

Secure virtual data room software is great for collaborative work on documentation and has particular functions for this: different get modes for employees, history of adjustments, special chat, analytics about productivity in the end of the task. The platform also enables you to quickly finish any deal. Even an acquisition or merger will need less time and require a reduced amount of financial resources, mainly because VDR will assist you to promptly provide all paperwork, prepare reviews, attract auditors or industry professionals. VDR converts not only research processes, nonetheless also older management group meetings. You will be able to conduct them in a functional and secure web based environment.

Dealspaces security

Secure virtual data room security is definitely multi-layered and modern. Data centers, application and platform processes possess passed various checks, audits, and received prestigious certifications. The published document on your personal bank account will be trapped in several copies, which will be found in different centers. The equipment offers safety protocols that allow you to provide you with access also during vitality outages, all-natural disasters. Pretty much all rooms with equipment will be guarded and still have strictly limited access, in support of the most dependable technologies are used to operate the platform.

You will also have the ability to closely control the use of documents. First, you are able to give the consumer one of seven access amounts. As more protection methods, you can use watermarks, limitation of by period, IP address. Most working visits with records are logged so that you can usually know the details of the use of business or secret data. The digital info room is approximately security and great program.

Service features

Datarooms are certainly not just a application for firmly working with important documents, nevertheless also round-the-clock support to your business. Immediately you can start making use of the platform free of charge by activating the test mode. This way you can examine the quality and effectiveness of the VDR . The support system will provide you with specialist advice at any time of the day, and each client will have their particular personal director for unique solutions. In addition , the installer can help with the digitization of documentation and the creation of customized alternatives.